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Amazon is a marketplace that can provide great visibility to any merchant, but has truly complex and competitive dynamics.
Sellers navigating the marketplace are faced with challenges of successfully competing with millions of other retailers and managing their fulfillment processes to the best of their ability in order not to be penalised by Amazon’s rules.

Amazon offers two different methods for sellers to fulfil their orders: Amazon Logistics (FBA) and Merchant Logistics (FBM).
To source Amazon’s logistics, you can rely on a partner such as Ecourier, ensuring no mistake is made when preparing and creating your Amazon shipment.
You can also profit from FBM shipping for your products on Amazon.
By choosing this service, you can save a lot of money on handling and shipping costs as well as having more control and flexibility over your inventory.


When you choose Amazon Logistics, it is Amazon that deals with warehousing, delivering to customers, customer service and returns management, obviously at a cost.
By choosing FBA you are relying entirely on Amazon; it is up to the merchant to supply Amazon in a timely manner and to prevent overstocking as this can result in significant cost increases.
Plus, it is important to bear in mind Amazon’s ever-changing regulations, meaning that there is a chance of shipping products that may not be offered for sale or may even be defined as dangerous.
Ecourier can help you with these operations. Trust us!


FBM lets you save a lot on handling and shipping costs as well as increase control and flexibility over your inventory.
We can deal with receiving your stock and quality control from the packaging to product inspection to comply with Amazon regulations.
We manage the labelling process. Labels may need to be removed from the packaging with price, old shipment or supplier details and the products labelled with Amazon FNSKU codes.
Rely on a professional service from preparation and labelling to the rapid delivery of your goods.

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