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Storage and handling of goods for the food sector

Food storage requires compliance with specific standards and procedures to ensure the healthiness and preservation of products (HACCP regulations).
Our warehouses are authorised by the competent Local Health Authority to store and manage non-perishable packaged food products that do not require controlled temperature (refrigeration) storage.
In addition to the reduction of costs and logistical difficulties that a warehouse dedicated to the conservation of these products provides, it will be possible to obtain:

  • Guaranteed hygiene

  • Less waste of goods

  • Preserved food quality

Outsourcing of Food Products Logistics Services

We manage all FEFO FIFO LIFO logistic modes and we also manage storage taking into account the expiration dates of the goods for storage optimisation. Thanks to our technology, we offer a logistics service capable of identifying the most convenient warehouse management and shipment of goods.
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