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The Groupage shipping service, also known as groupage transport, is a very common transport technique in Italy and abroad.
But how does this transport technique work?
Groupage shipping allows for shipments of goods that allows you to group several senders but which are shipped to nearby destinations.

Precisely because of this peculiarity, the Groupage shipping service offers a long series of advantages, including:

  • Cost optimization: compared to traditional transport, the costs are divided and shared among all the companies that use the service.
  • Greater quality and flexibility of the service: these advantages are all the greater the more companies participate in groupage transport.
  • Lower environmental impact: the optimization of spaces and sections contributes greatly to the reduction of harmful emissions and therefore to reduce the impact on the environment.

In the case of bulky shipments the risk of high costs is always just around the corner. Our groupage 2.0 service guarantees fast shipping at the best price possible through first-class technological integration.
The international groupage service is very delicate and complex and it requires experience and professionalism so that every shipment departs and arrives with the utmost precision and attention, even during the consolidation phase and during the drafting of important shipping documents.
We guarantee a safe, economic and fast groupage service.
Reliability and quality are key principles, supported by an advanced technology of goods management for groupage transports always on time.


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