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We provide a professional, safe and reliable outsourced logistics service, with an over 10,000 sqm warehouse where we handle all fullfilment flows of goods in an integrated way.
We are specialised in contract logistics and warehousing through the use of innovative information technology to follow the entire order process, from receipt to processing any returns and non-deliverable goods.
Our service goes beyond the mere shipment of goods, we deal professionally with the storage, custody and transport of the goods, including food.



We prepare your orders through innovative, latest-generation web-based platforms allowing you to remotely control the entire supply chain from order to delivery (inbound/outbound).
To ensure safe and efficient delivery, we have an in-house packaging service for shipments. We provide our customers with comprehensive logistics, order management and warehouse service complete in all their aspects. To ensure safe and efficient delivery, we have an internal packaging service. The supply of packaging and packaging gathers the requests for gift deliveries or the need to manage packaging of large loads intended for shipments in special conditions such as transport by sea.
By Picking we mean that logistical service linked to warehouse and shipping management, involving the picking of packages, parcels or pallets from stored goods. Management of picking activities can be carried out in a number of ways. The picking operation itself can be manual or automatic. Through suitable and innovative web-based control systems, we offer a logistics service designed to identify the best picking method for warehouse management and shipments.
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Orders and warehousing on a single platform


eCourier’s dedicated warehouse facilities allow the conservation of different types of foodstuffs


Work in dropshipping without additional costs, with the advantage of streamlining your workflow and optimising warehouse utilisation.

The benefits of a logistics outsourcing contract are many, especially if you rely on an experienced and technologically advanced company like eCourier.
But why outsource logistics?
Outsourcing logistics offers you the possibility of contracting a safe and professional partner for part of your activities, in this case warehouse logistics management, so that you can concentrate on your company’s main activities, on your core business, with greater flexibility and cost reduction.
Our smart outsourcing logistics service, with its technological integration, provides dropshipping, food storage and eCommerce management services in a timely and precise fashion.

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